Pinty Lightbottom FAQ

everything here is true

Absolutely. I've known Pinty for a very long time.
I'm sorry, I don't understand. Are you saying that you don't live in a world with castles, swords, magic and trolls? That really is confusing then.
That seems to be a very limited point of view. Pinty is a complex Shortkin (like all Shortkin, right?). Telling his stories required a very immersive approach.
Not all people are available all the time. He would like to hang out, but he's got things to do. Think of it this way - when someone needed to talk to Spiderman, they would ask Peter Parker to pass on the message. I'm like your Peter Parker.
What! That's insane! They're two completely different people. Now, if you can stop trying to shatter my world, I'll also add that Pinty is three and a-half feet tall. I'm 6'4".
What do you mean by idea? He's totally real.
Glad you understand! Hope you enjoy(ed) the book!